Just a note for any readers here who tend to shy away from tag clouds, this post is a quick Tag Cloud 101.

The “cloud” at the top of the right-hand column provides a visual depiction of the labels I’ve used to tag my various blog entries. When I write an entry, I provide a list of tags that I believe describe or relate to that entry. An entry on “mindfulness,” for instance, may include tags for mindfulness, mind tools, anxiety, or other labels that spring to (my) mind at the time.

What does this mean for you? A few things.

First, the cloud provides you with a ready navigation tool. If you want to navigate to blog posts that address “non-zero” interactions, you can click on that tag.

Second, the size of the tag in the cloud relates to how often I’ve used the tag. One could expect more posts relating to “connection” than “non-zero” interaction if the former is larger than the latter.

Third, the cloud may be a depiction of the content of my blog, viewed from the perspective of what I thought I was writing about at the time. In that way, as of the writing of this entry in late July 2010, one could say that this blog is about connection, creativity, goals, and mind challenges more than anything else. That’s probably a fair description of my first 90 or so posts: in describing life’s best practices, I’ve emphasized interaction with others, growing and manifesting creativity, setting goals, and recognizing the peculiarities of brain function. We’ll see whether that continues.

When I first started writing this blog, I didn’t even post a tag cloud, because the sample size of the posts was too small to make the tool worthwhile. Now, however, I personally use the tag cloud here for navigation more than the other tools I provide below it (recent posts, categories).

Let me know whether the cloud is helpful to you.