In light of my last blog post, posted almost a month ago, some explanation might be in order. I have been doing. I have a number of projects going on right now, and it has been a distracting and challenging month. In particular, I have a mid-September deadline for the third edition of my law school casebook, and I’m in the thick of exchanging chapters with my co-authors.

That has left some time for reading and writing of other sorts. Much of the last month has focused on myth, dreams, and storytelling. These topics are, in my mind, related, and each is also related to life’s best practices.  The difficult challenge for one who wants to convey solid, peer-reviewed data, however, is that none of the topics have much in the way of “scientific” research discussion. The possible exception to this is dreams, which of course have been studied for millennia. But even here, dream research is often anecdotal, and most dream researchers will admit that they face challenges in building solid research models.

Still, you will see this reading reflected in upcoming blog posts. Thanks for sticking around during the blogging gap.  Things will pick up here in the next few days. (And sorry for the earlier technical difficulties that led to the partial posting of this post.)