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Just a note for any readers here who tend to shy away from tag clouds, this post is a quick Tag Cloud 101. The “cloud” at the top of the right-hand column provides a visual depiction of the labels I’ve used to tag my various blog entries. When I write an entry, I provide a […]

Mindfulness Combats Anxiety

Another benefit of mindfulness for those who lead Type-A, hard-charging, tension-filled lives: mindfulness can profoundly reduce anxiety. That’s the message of a post last week on Psychology Today’s blog. Peter Strong, who provides mindfulness counseling, gives a simple exercise in that post that can work to decrease anxious feelings. I have provided links to other […]

Mindfulness and Happiness

Tom Wootton makes an important distinction in a recent post on his blog: mindfulness does not necessarily lead to happiness. The practice of mindfulness techniques make one more aware. They may make one feel that he is living a fuller life. The practice may, in fact, lead to greater happiness. But that is neither the […]

Prescriptions for Child Perfectionism Work for Us, Too

Dr. Michelle Borba had a solid post the other day describing steps parents can take to help children with perfectionistic tendencies. This advice works for the rest of us, too, as described after the jump.

8 (+1) Solid Reasons to Go to Law School

I recently posted a number of bad reasons people decide to go to law school.  This post follows up by noting eight solid indicators (plus a qualified ninth) you may make a solid lawyer. 1. You have worked with lawyers or the law closely, and you liked it. Many successful lawyers have worked closely with […]

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