We have so many ways of enabling ourselves to avoid doing what we could do with our talent.  My favorite is preparing.  I can prepare by reading.  I can prepare by talking with others.  I can prepare by planning, worrying, speculating about the potential reactions of others, fearing failure.

At bottom, the only way to begin is to do.  Act.  Use the skills and talents.  Build them.  Make mistakes and fail and course-correct with them.  Shake it off, wipe the mud off if you have to, and do.

I hear and read a lot about inhibition and fear of failure.  Let’s focus instead on initiative.  Leonardo wasn’t perfect, Picasso wasn’t perfect, Mozart wasn’t perfect, Beethoven wasn’t perfect, John Lennon wasn’t perfect. So by recognizing you’re not perfect, you will be fessing up to membership in a very big team.  You know what Nike said.