I hope you are enjoying the blog.  I’m enjoying writing it.  I want to emphasize that my writing is only part of what’s here.  A critical part of any blog is found in its comments. Because this blog is very new, not many readers are commenting.  Those who are, however, include some remarkable thinkers and writers.  Zach E., Don S., Beth H., Tim H., David W., Brad S., Helena K. — these repeat commenters are insightful people, many of whom already have blogs of their own, others of whom no doubt (with our encouragement) will blog on their own in the future.

Unlike traditional media of even a few years ago, a blog permits a dialogue to develop between the writer and readers, and among the readers themselves.  So read the comments.  They are very good.

Furthermore, join the discussion.  These commenters don’t have a lock on insight.  They are good, but I’m sure they would enjoy hearing from you, too.

As I have mentioned in the past, for me the comments are very important.  I’m testing materials for a course I will teach at some point.  Getting feedback is an important reason for my blogging. So what has been good about this blog’s posts, and what has not?