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What I Read Online

Life-long learning got dramatically easier in the past decade.  I like to push myself to be aware of my world.  This post is about my daily information routine. I’ve blogged already (most recently here and here) about how Twitter is beginning to fit into that picture.  This addresses what RSS feeds I use to bring […]

Twitter – The College Music Station of News and Info

I have a Twitter metaphor!  It’s like 1980’s college music stations! One of my friends, Dave, responded on Facebook to my recent Twitter post by stating that he thought Twitter was a flash in the pan. In the middle of responding, I realized Twitter functions the same way college music stations did when I was […]

Twitter’s 4 Degrees of Separation

Through tweet and retweet, information can spread across the Twitter platform at an astounding pace. A recent post on highlighted this phenomenon and claimed — I believe rightly — that Twitter (or some tool like it) is the future of news. Why?  Because it is so connected that news spreads exceptionally fast.  Read the […]

A New Look for the Blog

If you’re reading this, you know that I have installed a new WordPress Theme for the blog.  This one is “Colourise,” by ThemeLab.  I really liked my former theme, Oulipo, but I was having some difficulties with WP, and I thought moving in a new theme direction might help.  Of course, the key is whether […]

Matters of Value

Kat French’s terrific post over at the Thoughtwrestling blog noted that, if you think of your brain in terms of programming, values and goals serve as the “data structure” upon which we hang our various daily activities.  Goals and values motivate, underlie, and shape our actions and our perception and evaluation of those actions. I […]

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