If you enjoy what you read here, please help me.  Let’s build the community of readers and commenters.  Send a link to it to five of your friends or family.  Link to it on other blogs where the discussion here is relevant. Feed it into aggregators like Reddit.  Tweet it. Find ways to grow it that I don’t even know about, and then tell others how to do the same thing.

Understand?  Bang the drum.

Why? Because the more readers we have, the more interaction we have. The more everyone learns — including me — by seeing what hits and what misses. To do this better, you need to bang the drum.

I write this blog not to make money.  I don’t have ads, and I don’t have sponsors.  I write because the topics are important. I want to hone messages that I plan to use in a course I’m developing — a course that will help students focus on proven, practical steps that can increase their achievement and satisfaction.  (I describe this more here.) That process requires a feedback loop — the bigger the better.

I have a loyal readership, a much larger one than I thought I would have this early in the process. I’m greedy. though — greedy to grow.  I am eager to make as big a difference as possible. If you believe that focusing on what works in life is important — if you believe, as I do that there is tremendous social and political value in having people use their capabilities — then push with me to grow this community.  Seth Godin talks a lot about tribes.  There is a tribe here, and it has enormous potential strength.

So yes, bang the drum. Have I made myself clear?