Today I will be attending TEDxPotomac.  Most readers not living under rocks  have heard about TED.  It’s extraordinary, and not just because they named it after me (and now own the website I wish I’d thought to get first).

TED bills itself as a “small non-profit” that started in 1984, emphasizing Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  TED hosts an annual conference in Long Beach, California, but it’s grown into an international phenomenon, spawning TEDx independent events.

TED seeks to spread ideas.  Its brain trust is a who’s who of the creative class. And of relevance to this blog, TED is expressly devoted to what are, or might become, life’s best practices.

I attended the compact but extraordinary TEDxNOVA in Arlington, Virginia a few weeks ago. I’m delighted that I will be part of the TEDxPotomac experience.  I will let you know what I learn.