Life-long learning got dramatically easier in the past decade.  I like to push myself to be aware of my world.  This post is about my daily information routine.

I’ve blogged already (most recently here and here) about how Twitter is beginning to fit into that picture.  This addresses what RSS feeds I use to bring the information I want to me.

I use the free and very flexible iGoogle platform with a number of different “pages” — news, sports, finance, entertainment, health, social media, law, and weather. My RSS news feeds come from AP, Reuters, Washington Post, the LA Times, and the New York Times.  I supplement that for sporting news with the ESPN feed, sport-specific feeds that rotate depending on the season.  I read RSS feeds of Washington Post Health, numerous financial feeds (Reuters, Wall Street Journal, etc.), and numerous law-related feeds.

But that just begins a day’s information.  I get also RSS feeds for many blogs:

I get a healthy dose of politics.  I read TalkingPointsMemo, DailyKos, PoliticalWire, Political Animal, and The Huffington Post.  (These are all left-leaning, but I balance that by exercising in a facility that tends to play Fox News. If someone would suggest a really thoughtful blog that leans right, I will be sure to read it — for my own good.) During election seasons, I supplement this with, which is easily the most insightful place to learn about current polling trends.

For productivity, blogging, and social media, I read,, Copyblogger, and Write to Done.

For life hacks and creativity, I use LifeHacker, LifeDevZen Habits, Productivity 501, The Art of Great Things, Broadcasting Brain, Thoughtwrestling, Marc and Angel Hack Life, The Positivity BlogPursuit of Change, and The Art of Non-Conformity.

For sanity, Parent Hacks (I’m the father of a kindergartener).

I mix this up with a couple of new ones every couple of weeks.  Right now I’m kicking the tires at Gregg Fraley’s website and poking around at Janine Moon’s interesting CareerOwner blog.

So what do you follow?  Do you use RSS, or some other method of alerting yourself to news and information around the Web?  Is iGoogle your home page of choice? I’m always interested in new places to learn.