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3 Steps Facebook Should Take Now to Seize the Moment

I applaud Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in today’s Washington Post that Facebook will revise its privacy policies.  Of course, questions remain:  just how private will Facebook permit users to be, and can consumers trust Facebook in light of its recent privacy missteps?  This post has a simple message:  Facebook should act now to make itself — […]

Help Me Bang the Drum

If you enjoy what you read here, please help me.  Let’s build the community of readers and commenters.  Send a link to it to five of your friends or family.  Link to it on other blogs where the discussion here is relevant. Feed it into aggregators like Reddit.  Tweet it. Find ways to grow it […]

Attending the TEDxPotomac Conference

Today I will be attending TEDxPotomac.  Most readers not living under rocks  have heard about TED.  It’s extraordinary, and not just because they named it after me (and now own the website I wish I’d thought to get first). TED bills itself as a “small non-profit” that started in 1984, emphasizing Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  […]

Facebook Can Do The Right Thing

There are signs that Facebook may be beginning to realize that its privacy policies have consequences.  In an interview described here, Tim Sparapani, Facebook’s director of public policy, stated that the site plans to incorporate new, simplified privacy settings.  If that is true, and those policies meaningfully enhance privacy, that is very good news, as […]

What YOU Read Online

I posted yesterday about how I use the internet every day to keep abreast of news, information, and opinion.  I didn’t do this for purposes of instructing others, or because I think I have all the answers. I wanted to (a) get readers thinking about how they use the web to raise their own awareness […]

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