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Barbara Ehrenreich’s Rant About Positive Thinking Is (Mostly) Wrong

Don’t go looking to Barbara Ehrenreich’s recent book, Bright-Sided, to make a compelling case about “how the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America.” The book is an entertaining read, but it does not make that case. A friend advised me to read Ms. Ehrenreich’s book in a comment to an earlier post about […]

It’s All About “The Journey”

Poetry on a blog about life’s best practices?  Yes, the best poetry has “a precise choice of words that will have implications and suggestions that go past the words themselves.” Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth (1988), at 229. My friend Jan Gravel read a poem to me the other day.  I rarely make time […]

Building Connection (2) – Using Goals and Giving Value

In my prior post I described how to create a Master Connection List.  In this post, I describe how to use that list.

Building Connection (1) – A Simple Tool for Growing a Network

Ever wonder how people find the time and energy to “network”?  I’m drawn to write this post because of three conversations I had with friends in the last week, each of whom commented on my ability to stay in contact with lots of people. Is there a secret?  No, but there is a method.

The Civics of Life’s Best Practices — Engagement

People who know me well think of me as an activist and community organizer as much as an attorney or law professor.  Politics and public service, broadly speaking, are very important to me.  So why blog about life’s best practices? Is there some civic agenda to my writing?  Yes—an agenda of engagement.

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