People who know me well think of me as an activist and community organizer as much as an attorney or law professor.  Politics and public service, broadly speaking, are very important to me.  So why blog about life’s best practices? Is there some civic agenda to my writing?  Yes—an agenda of engagement.

At bottom, those who seek to oppress would always prefer their subjects to be unaware, rudderless, pessimistic, inhibited, and isolated. They prefer the masses to be mindless and distracted instead of self-aware and directed, hopeless rather than empowered, dully repetitive instead of creative (and potentially destabilizing), divided instead of connected.

My writing here seeks to engage us in our surroundings, and engagement may be destabilizing.  I dislike people who act like sheep, and I dislike those in authority who value passivity and conformity over creativity and innovation.  I write about what I term life’s best practices because those who follow such practices will have a more successful and fulfilling life (on their own terms), but I also believe that engagement will be better for communities, nations, and peoples.

By focusing on mind challenges, mind tools, and positive psychology, we can better understand how the human mind works, its basic limitations, and how to use it to achieve the results we desire.  We can take responsibility for our decisions by recognizing how and why we decide.

By addressing goals, success and purpose, overcoming perfectionism, creativity, and lifelong learning, we can develop a sense of engagement and initiative that motivates us set our own and our communities’ agendas.

By learning about connection and influence (about which I will write more in the future), we can learn about the importance of human interaction and what modern research says is the best way to do it.  This permits us to draw on the skills and talents of others, test our ideas, and build things through common effort that no hermit could hope to accomplish.

So yes, there is a civics to this blog.  It’s the civics of civic engagement.