According to Google Analytics, this blog is read by people in 38 states plus the District of Columbia.  It is also read by people in 25 nations besides the United States.  Every continent except Africa (and possibly Antarctica, which doesn’t appear on the Google map).  Details after the jump.

Most of you are in the United States, with Virginia, the District of Columbia, California and New York leading the pack.  It’s easy to understand why VA and DC would lead the rest, since I live in the DC metro area and some of you are personal friends.  After that, it’s unsurprising that people from California and New York would be particularly interested in exploring those practices that make life better.

Internationally, it’s no surprise that the English-speaking countries – US, Canada, UK, Australia – would lead the rest.  I use a global translating widget on the blog, which might make it easier for non-English speakers to access my writing, but I’m interested to hear whether those of you from non-English-dominant countries are using those resources and, if so, if they are working for you.

As always, if you have thoughts about how to make this blog better, please let me know — either in comments (below), or directly.