I’m all in favor of tools that make it easier to do what I set out to do.  Thus, for about the past eight months, I have used DailyBurn.com to track my daily food intake, daily exercise, and daily weight and body fat.  Why?  Because the basics of weight control are — no surprise — balancing input and output.  The site has a terrific database of foods that can be accessed and listed, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of “forgetting” to list something you ate.  The same is true of exercise — lots of exercises listed, with an intuitive interface for recording data and progress.

I have not used any advanced (i.e., non-free) functions on the site.  Nor have I used the wide variety of features that allow you to interact with others using the site.  For me, my particular health goals and progress are fairly private matters.  But having a password-protected, easily-accessible place to record my data is priceless.

If you know a better site, please let me in on it.