As you have no doubt deduced from other posts, I am an advocate of understanding one’s current status as one means of learning where one wants to go.  This is basic, I know, but too many people walk through life in a haze of assumptions and presuppositions, never challenging these basic filters.  Best practices require awareness.  This includes awareness of personal health, the subject of this post.

Many of us do not even know how to begin to assess where our health stands relative to our potential and our peers.  That’s where basic, accessible research comes in. One of the best tools I have found for assessing my own personal health (and improving it) is  For a grand total of $0.00, the site will assess your current state of health, provide detailed information about how your “real” age compares to your calendar age, and provide clear direction for how you can lower your “real” age.

And what, you ask, is “real” age?  The basic concept is that one’s biological age often varies from one’s calendar age.  We’ve all met people in their 60’s who look and feel like they are 30.  And sadly, we’ve all seen the twentysomethings who are clearly pushing 50.  This website, based upon substantial research, provides feedback about where on the spectrum you currently reside, and how to push yourself back toward a healthier “real” age.

So go take a look at RealAge.  Take the test.  You will honestly feel better with the knowledge in hand, even if it tells you that you’re old beyond your years.  Also, let me know where else you look for solid benchmarks for personal health.