I’ve just begun using Twitter regularly, and I’m now confessing to my peers that I’m doing it.  You can find and follow me as TBilich.  I know, it’s so 2008 . . . . But while I’d long known it was a useful way to interact, I had resisted because of potential information overload.  Eventually, though, I was persuaded (thanks, Katie) that I could not do this blogging project without the Twitter.

I’m not ready to deem Twitter one of life’s best practices, but indirect forms of connection are important additions to the connection repertoire.  In a world where communication crowds every waking space, connections span the globe, and connections from different times of life telescope technologically to the present (e.g., childhood friends on Facebook), we need mechanisms for alerting people about things we’re doing that they may be interested in.

So, please let me — and the readers of this blog — know how you get the most out of Twitter.  If you know of especially interesting people or things to follow, please let us know that, too.