I know from Google Analytics that many of you are reading this blog from around the United States and around the world. I write about Life’s Best Practices, and those practices are similar no matter where you happen to live.

For those of you in the DC Metro area, however, I want to let you know about an important milestone event.  On March 24, 2010, the group Creative Arlington will celebrate its one-year birthday. As explained below, that’s a big deal.

Creative Arlington was formed a little over a year ago to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, government workers, non-profit employees and volunteers, and other creatives in Northern Virginia to explore ways that Arlington could become an even better place to live, work, and play.  As I have explained elsewhere, Arlington has done a good job of focusing resources on attracting members of the so-called Creative Class.  That success, however, does not allow the County to rest assured that the right dynamics will continue.

That’s where Creative Arlington comes in.  The group provides a way for conversations to develop that otherwise wouldn’t — entrepreneurs talking to county workers, artists talking to lawyers, and so forth.  Those synergies can help to create new things — like Arlington’s Artisphere.  In its short lifetime, Creative Arlington has already attracted 250 members, and more join every week.

Now, on March 24th, CA will host its own first birthday party, at Whitlow’s on Wilson, 2854 Wilson Blvd., in Arlington.  You can find more information — including an RSVP form — here.  Please come.

OK.  Enough about CA for now.  You won’t see me mention it much on this website, since the focus here is life’s best practices regardless of location.  Then again, the kinds of connections made at Creative Arlington, and by initiatives stemming from CA, are pretty good life practices.  If you’re anywhere near Arlington on 3/24/10, I hope to see you at Whitlow’s.