In prior posts (here and here) I mentioned ChangeThis.  This post identifies a few additional manifestos from that site that I promise are well worth review. These titles are slightly more business and career oriented, but they are some of the best thinking available on the internet:

CherryBombs – a great career manifesto by Sally Hogshead.

This I Believe – real words of wisdom by business uber-guru Tom Peters.

100 Ways to Help You Succeed – Part 1 and Part 2 – again, Tom Peters at his pithy best, dishing advice that has sound basis in business practice and life practice.

The Bootstrapper’s Bible – the inimitable Seth Godin on improvision in business (and the business of life).

I will continue to let you know as new manifestos come out that are particularly good.  And if you go to the ChangeThis website, you’ll see that I have not even scratched the surface.