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Beware Cause and Effect

I feel like the bourgeois gentleman in the Moliere play – for more than 40 years, I’ve been using “heuristics,” and I didn’t even know it.  More than that, I didn’t know how risky they could be. Heuristics are experiential rules of thumb used for “problem-solving, learning, and discovery.”  We can’t operate without them.  Research […]

Mindfulness As Therapy and Life Tool

Does mindfulness really provide therapeutic value?  And what about those of us who are healthy: can we benefit?  The answers – very clearly – are yes and yes.

Readers – Growing and Diverse

According to Google Analytics, this blog is read by people in 38 states plus the District of Columbia.  It is also read by people in 25 nations besides the United States.  Every continent except Africa (and possibly Antarctica, which doesn’t appear on the Google map).  Details after the jump.

Pay Attention! The Benefits of Mindfulness

Our teachers were right.  It’s really important to pay attention.  In fact, mindfulness — paying attention — is one of life’s best practices. Ellen Langer writes about this a lot.  The Harvard psychologist (and artist) has long been an advocate of what she calls “mindfulness.”  That’s the name of her most widely read book, and […]

More Health Online – Tracking Input/Output With DailyBurn

I’m all in favor of tools that make it easier to do what I set out to do.  Thus, for about the past eight months, I have used to track my daily food intake, daily exercise, and daily weight and body fat.  Why?  Because the basics of weight control are — no surprise — […]

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