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Now I Get It! The Social Basis of Laughter

I posted the other day that social interaction is deeply embedded in our genes.  One wonderful example I stumbled upon in my reading was in Steven Johnson’s fascinating book, Mind Wide Open.  There, among a host of other interesting subjects, Johnson notes that laughter is not originally based on humor, but on social interaction.

Getting To Know Others – It’s in Our Genes

One question I often get – from students and colleagues – is why I spend so much effort cultivating connections and friendships with people outside my line of work.  I was initially baffled by this question, but having thought about it, I can see why some people might think it is unusual.  So here is […]

Lawyers – Built and Bred for Depression

Why, on a blog about life’s best practices, did my last post address depression? Depressive cognitive distortions are mind challenges that everyone faces from time to time.  Some of us resiliently address those symptoms.  Others do not, and suffer extended and deep depressions.  These cognitive distortions are a basic part of the mind’s function – […]

The Ten Major Distortions of Depression

When we feel depressed, our brains adopt well-worn “cognitive distortions.”  David Burns, one of the leaders in cognitive therapy, writes in his best-selling book, Feeling Good (on pages 32-43), that there are ten common thought patterns that cause or perpetuate depressions.  Here are the big ten: 1. “All-or Nothing Thinking.”  This is a “tendency to […]

A List of Mind Challenges

What do I mean when I write about “mind challenges”?  Here are some ways our minds work differently than we think.  This gives some idea of what we’re up against, and I plan to explore many of these challenges on this blog. I am not going to provide an exhaustive list here, but I want […]

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