I started this blog about a month ago.  During that time, I have had visitors from seven different countries and more than half of the United States.  That’s a great start, and you can help me make this site serve you better.  Here is my wish list:

1.  Build the community. If you think this website provides solid, insightful content, email a link to your friends, colleagues, and family.  Recommend it on other websites that focus on similar subjects. Refer posts to Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, and other sites that use the power of crowds to raise awareness of what’s good on the web.  Share or Tweet about it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Buzz, and so on.  I’m counting on those who read my blog to help me spread the word:  I gain the additional feedback that comes with more readers, and you gain from that feedback, as well.

2.  Subscribe. Become a regular reader, and automatically learn about new posts, by subcribing to my RSS feed. (If you know someone who doesn’t know what an RSS feed is, you can direct them to this one-page description.)

3.  Comment on posts. Many of you have emailed me or provided comments on Facebook or elsewhere.  I appreciate that, so please keep that up.  Also recognize, though, that providing comments on this website itself harnesses the Web-2.0 aspect of blogging — providing an ongoing discussion that raises and addresses issues in part by capturing the thoughts of the reading community.  So use the “comment” function on the blog.

4.  Suggest topics. Give me ideas for what to write about by leaving comments  on the “About This Blog” page.

5.  Provide feedback — positive, negative, or neutral.  I have pretty thick skin.  There are more than 6.6 billion people in the world, so if you disagree with what I write, you will not be alone.

I’m having a lot of fun, and I hope you are, too.  How I can make it better?