This post provides a few tools that can be used to develop and monitor goals.  These are examples, most of which I have used at some point.

Generating Goals. I mentioned in an earlier post John Goddard’s Life List, which has helped him build an exciting and rewarding life.  Jenny Blake at put together a nice post on the Goddard list and provided a template for creating one’s own life list.

Planning and Monitoring. There are also a number of useful planning and monitoring tools online. One tool I’ve used to monitor progress on my more routine goals (food, exercise, and so forth) is Joe’s Goals, a clean and simple tool that I use every day.  This site lets you set up items and essentially “score” your progress, which I find helpful (since I like to compete with myself). The user can also create simple reports.

Goalbot, which is relatively new, helps users break big-picture items into smaller goals, then develop an action plan to achieve those objectives.  I’m just beginning to explore this tool, and I will write about it again when I’ve had the chance to experiment.

Getting Things Done. On a different level, I’m a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done process, which is a productivity tool that lots of people have used.  Two tools that I’ve used for GTD are ThinkingRock and, more recently, Tracks. ThinkingRock has greater detail, but I find Tracks sufficient for my GTD efforts.  If you’re interested in GTD, there are scores of websites devoted to the process.  The aptly-named gtdfrk’s site is the best I’ve found, with an index of other GTD sites that is simply staggering.

I’m always looking for new goal resources.  Please let me know what else you’ve seen of note.