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What If Our Consciousness Lies?

What if our consciousness lies?  The answers are disturbing, liberating, and ultimately critically important to those seeking to maximize their personal potential. This post will begin an exploration of some of what brain researchers now know about consciousness – and what modern research means to the conscious “I” who thinks he or she is in […]

What Does Success Mean? A Question More Important Than Its Answer

This is a blog about life’s best practices. As I wrote in the introduction to the blog, I believe there are practices that lead to greater achievement and more personal satisfaction in life. This inevitably raises the question of what it means to succeed. Five minutes of Googling will produce see plenty of definitions of […]

Five Ways To Make This Better

I started this blog about a month ago.  During that time, I have had visitors from seven different countries and more than half of the United States.  That’s a great start, and you can help me make this site serve you better.  Here is my wish list: 1.  Build the community. If you think this […]

I Paint Because Part of Me Didn’t Want To – Part Two

In my last post on the subject, I mentioned I had started to draw and paint to force myself to see, to overcome resistance to creativity, and to learn something new.  It turns out, however, that beginning that practice has led to a host benefits.

I Paint Because Part of Me Didn’t Want To – Part One

A friend looked at my Facebook profile and posted a message:  So you paint, too, Ted? I do – painting and drawing are important practices for me these days.  This does not mean that I paint or draw a lot, have done it for a long time, or do it especially well, but it is […]

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