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Crafting Goals That Work (Setting Goals – Part 3)

Research shows that certain forms of goals work better than others.  Goals that are written, phrased in concrete and measurable terms, and difficult but not impossible are much more effective than those that are unrecorded, difficult to measure, ambiguous, or phrased as merely “do-your-best” exhortation.  Let’s discuss each of these in turn.

Seven Reasons to Have Goals (Setting Goals – Part 2)

What are goals, and why are they valuable? As we’ll discover, these are fruitful questions. What Is A Goal? At its most basic, Locke and Latham define a goal as “the object or aim of an action.” (Locke & Latham, 1984). Writing about goals in the workplace, they continue, “there are many familiar concepts that […]

The Necessity of Goals – (Setting Goals – Part 1)

Should we have goals?  And if so, what sorts?  These are questions that come up repeatedly in my counseling of students and mentees, in discussions with colleagues and friends, and in my own moments of reflection.  The answers are clear and unambiguous.  Everyone who wants to achieve should have goals.  There are rules for creating […]

“Best Practices” for Life

Human beings are not perfect. We never will be. We are so much more — and more interesting — than that. And by learning more about how we work, we can achieve greater success and fulfillment. Those four sentences summarize decades, if not centuries, of research into human behavior.  They are confirmed by cutting-edge research […]

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